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Financial & Accounting Programmes
From grasping the fundamental financial management principles and applications to understanding Singapore's income tax and GST, these programmes would be very useful to those  who are involved in the finance management and procedures but without strong financial/accounting background.  

Introduction to Financial Management for Non-Accountants 
(Conducted in English)
Involved in financial management or decision making but do not possess a strong background in accounting? You will gain clear understanding on fundamental financial management principles, tools and applications. 

Course Schedule:
 Date   Time
TBA Tue & Wed
9.30am - 5.30pm 

EXCELing in Financial Analytics and Reporting
(Conducted in English)
Learn how to use Microsoft Excel, a powerful tool which can be harnessed to turn huge volumes of data into useful information for making financial decisions.

Course Schedule:
 Date   Time
 TBA  Tue & Wed 
 9am - 5.30pm 

Certificate in Understanding Singapore Income Tax and GST
(Conducted in Mandarin)
Grasp these fundamentals to enhance your skills and abilities in handling your company's finance related matters. 

Course Schedule (6 Sessions):
 Date  Time
 TBA  Tue & Wed 
 7pm - 10pm

Certificate in Financial Accounting 
(Conducted in Mandarin) 

For those without finance background, this programme will equip you with the essentials of financial accounting. 

Course Schedule (8 Sessions):
 Date  Time
 TBA Tue & Wed 
 7pm - 10pm



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