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WSQ Service Excellence Level 1 
Be A Certified Service Professional!
Equip yourself with the resilience to handle challenging situations and diversity, provide go-the-extra mile service, as well as contribute to service improvements through service innovation.

Certified Service Professional
(Conducted in: English / Mandarin)
This national WSQ service training programme developed by WDA addresses the mindset, heartset and skillset needed to become a "Service Professional". 

Course Schedule:

Medium  Schedule
 English   TBC

Engage in Service Innovation
(Conducted in: English)
Identify opportunities and apply the effective methods to increase customer satisfaction innovatively.

Course Schedule:
Medium  Schedule
 English   TBC

Respond to Service Challenges
(Conducted in: English / Mandarin)
Equip yourself with the essential skills and knowledge to respond to challenging service situations and recgonise the triggers which may lead to these challenges.  

Course Schedule:
Medium  Schedule
 English   TBC
 Mandarin  21 & 28 August 2017
 Wednesday, 9am - 6pm


Optimise Performance in Diverse Service Environment 
(Conducted in: English / Mandarin)
Recognise the importance of inclusiveness in a diverse service environment and apply emotional intelligence when interacting with team members and customers. 

Course Schedule:
Medium  Schedule
 English   TBC
 Mandarin  TBC

Provide Value-added Customer Service
(Conducted in: English / Mandarin)
Learn how to utilise organizational resources when engaging customers, portray professional etiquette and relay feedback received over various channels. 
Course Schedule:
Medium  Schedule
 English          TBC
 Mandarin TBC


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